ST06 U2 series

60°C – 200°C
AC 250V 10A
automatically resetting
Metal housing

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Product description ST06 U2

The ST06 U2 is a temperature switch from the ST06 series with a power class of 6.3 A to 25 A. It is closed as standard, resets automatically and has connection cables. The design comprises a ceramic cover plate, a fixed silver contact, a cross-shaped spring washer and a bimetal washer in the conductive housing.


The ST06 U2 consists of robust components, including a ceramic cover plate for the fixed silver contact. The movable contact is firmly welded to a cross-shaped spring washer, which is embedded in a conductive housing.


In normal operation, the movable contact of the ST06 U2 is in close contact with the fixed silver contact under the preload of the spring washer. When the rated operating temperature is reached, the bimetallic disk is deformed by heat and opens the contact abruptly to break the circuit. After the circuit has been interrupted, the appliance begins to cool down. As soon as the ambient temperature reaches the defined reset temperature, the bimetallic disk and the spring washer snap back into their original position, closing the contacts and restoring the circuit.


  • Power class: 6.3 A to 25 A
  • Closed as standard for safe operation
  • Automatic reset for continuous monitoring
  • Integrated ceramic cover plate protects the fixed silver contact
  • Robust design ensures reliability in industrial applications