SD25TxxxL211PV T2

Ucpv: 670 … 1500 VDC
In (8/20μs): 25 kA
Imax (8/20μs): 50 kA
Up: 2.0kV … 5.0kV
Protection Mode: Y

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Surge protection device (SPD) for PV systems is a device that provides surge protection for PV systems. It plays a major role in preventing transient overvoltages caused by direct or induced lightning strikes or other momentary overvoltage peaks. It is suitable for photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation and other DC systems. When there is a sudden power surge in a circuit or communication line due to external interference and the current or voltage is high, the surge protective device (SPD) can conduct and discharge in a very short time to prevent the surge from damaging other parts of the circuit.
SETsafe | SETfuse’s surge protection device SD20R xxx PV series mainly consists of varistor (MOV), pluggable module, base and inner and outer electrode. Rated leakage current: 25kA, Maximum continuous operating voltage: (180 ~ 895)VDC, Certification: TUV, CE, complies with RoHS and REACH.