ST01 U1 series

60°C – 200°C
AC 250V 6.3A | DC 12V 10A
Normally closed or normally open contact
automatically resetting
Metal housing

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The ST01 series switchgear, especially in the robust U1 design, is an innovative technical solution used in monitoring and controlling the temperatures of electrical devices and motors. A critical component that contributes to the reliability and longevity of these temperature switchgear is the proven Mylar Nomex cap.

The Mylar Nomex cap plays an essential role by protecting the sensitive internal components of the ST01 series from external influences such as dust, moisture and mechanical stress. This not only ensures functionality under demanding conditions, but also helps maintain the accuracy of temperature monitoring and control.

The ST01 series is characterized in particular by its positive and self-aligning design. It is clamped tightly between the bottom of a conductive housing and an insulated steel contact cover. This design ensures optimum contact between the various components, including the Mylar Nomex cap, and ensures reliable operation.

The spring snap disk not only functions as a current transmission element, but also carries the moving contact. Thanks to the constant contact pressure, the bimetal disc is protected from the effects of current flow and self-heating.

The bimetal disc is the heart of this switchgear and reacts sensitively to the ambient temperature of the device to be monitored. As soon as the predefined nominal switching temperature is reached, the bimetal disk snaps over and presses the spring snap disk down. This causes the contact to open abruptly, and thus the temperature rise of the device to be protected is interrupted. As soon as the ambient temperature drops again and the previously set reset temperature is reached, the bimetal disc returns to its initial position and the contact closes again. This automated process is continuous and ensures reliable temperature monitoring and control.

The ST01 series is particularly suitable for industrial applications, especially in the fields of electronics, automotive and refrigeration. Thanks to their precise temperature monitoring and control, high operational reliability and extended service life of equipment and motors are ensured. In addition, the ST01 series features easy integration and high accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

In summary, the ST01 series switchgear is an innovative technical solution that provides precise and reliable temperature monitoring and control. Thanks to the intelligent selection of materials, a well thought-out design and the proven Mylar-Nomex cap, high operational reliability and durability are ensured. The ST01 series integrates easily into various applications and offers outstanding accuracy and reliability.