RPF series

Rated Functioning Temp. (Tf): 86- 102°C
Rated Current (Ir): 10A
Rated Voltage (Ur): DC 400V

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The Direct Current Thermal-Link Alloy Type (DC-ATCO) of the RPF series is a thermal protection element that uses low-melting alloys as a thermal element. These alloys melt at a specific temperature to safely break the circuit. It consists of filling material, a fuse element, a housing, the low-melting alloys (thermal element), flux resin, electrode connections, sealant and an extruded conductor. The DC-ATCO is often used to protect against overheating in electrical appliances and electric vehicles. Typically, the alloys of the thermal element are connected in series between two electrode pins. As soon as the temperature reaches the predetermined release temperature, the alloys melt and quickly retract to the ends of the two pins, supported by the flux resin. This effectively interrupts the circuit.

The RPF series direct current thermal link (alloy type) is available in axial and radial designs and has a rated operating temperature of 86 °C to 102 °C, a rated current of 10 A and a rated voltage of 400 VDC. It complies with RoHS and REACH regulations.