HF Series

Rated Functioning Temp. (Tf): 73 – 257°C
Rated Current (Ir): 20A
Rated Voltage (Ur): AC 250V

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Product description:

The HF series thermal fuse is a non-resettable pellet-type thermal fuse that protects electrical appliances from overheating. It has a metal housing with pellet material inside and can be used in high-current circuits.


  1. Unique pellet formula technology for stable operation and high precision.
  2. Complete quality management system to ensure high product consistency and reliability.
  3. Metal housing design with high sensitivity to temperature rises.
  4. Patented product with high switching capacity.
  5. Suitable for overtemperature protection in circuits with a rated voltage of 250V and a rated current of 20A.

How it works:

When the ambient temperature reaches the operating temperature, the pellet of the HF series thermal fuse melts and the spring is released. This disconnects the star contact from the pin and permanently interrupts the circuit.