N Series

Rated Functioning Temp. (Tf): 102 – 150°C
Rated Current (Ir): 30A
Rated Voltage (Ur): AC 250V

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The Thermal-Link (ATCO) Alloy type of the N series is a non-resettable protection device that only works once. It is often used in electrical appliances. ATCO consists mainly of a fusible alloy, flux resin, a housing, sealant and connecting wires. Normally, the fusible alloy is connected to the two connecting wires. Under abnormal conditions, when the temperature reaches the melting temperature of ATCO, the fusible alloy melts and quickly retracts to the two wire ends with the help of the flux resin, completely breaking the circuit.

Thermal-Link (ATCO)-Alloy type N series, tripping temperature from 102 ℃ to 150 ℃, rated current: 30 A, safety certifications: PSE, RoHS and REACH compliant.