BW-B_ME Series

45°C – 160°C
AC 250V 6A | DC 24V 6A
Normally closed or normally open contact
automatically resetting
Metal housing
Epoxy resin insulation

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Product description BW-BCM epoxy resin

The BW-BCME has a power class of 6A and belongs to the BW-B series. It is normally closed, resets automatically and is equipped with connection cables and blue epoxy resin insulation.


Main components of the BW-BCM:

The product consists of a housing, an iron holder, a bimetallic disk, a movable contact, a base and a fixed silver contact.

Structure of the BW-BCME:

The moving contact is welded to the bimetallic disk and then to the iron holder. The fixed silver contact and the base are formed into one unit, the base is then riveted to the iron holder. The current flows first through the moving contact on the bimetal disk from the iron holder and then through the fixed silver contact to form a circuit.

Function of the BW-BCME:

Under normal conditions, the moving contact of the BW-BCME is in close contact with the fixed silver contact due to the pre-pressure of the bimetal disk. When the nominal operating temperature is reached, the bimetallic disk is deformed by heat and quickly springs back, interrupting the circuit. The appliance then starts to cool down. When the defined reset temperature is reached, the bimetal disk and the spring plate snap back into their initial position, the contacts close again and the appliance starts working again.