AT52E NTC Thermistor Series

NTC thermistor
-40°C … +125°C
R25: 1kΩ … 1000kΩ ±1% … ±5%
Ø 2.8 x 4mm epoxy encapsulated
radial wire connections

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Our NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor is a cost-effective standard model that gives you reliable temperature measurement. With its compact dimensions of Ø 2.8 x 4 mm, it fits easily into various applications.

The temperature range of this thermistor extends from -40°C to +125°C, which gives you a wide range of applications. You can precisely measure the exact temperature thanks to the nominal resistance R25 from 1 kΩ to 1000 kΩ. You can rely on a tolerance of ±1% to ±5%.

The thermistor has a beta of 3380K to 4730K and a beta tolerance of ±0.75% to ±2%. This allows you to calculate temperature changes in different environments. The beta value can be used in the range of 25/50 and 25/85 to make precise measurements.

The wire material used is tin-coated copper and tin-coated iron, while the dimensions of the wire are Ø 0.4 x 25 mm. This ensures good electrical conductivity and longevity of the thermistor.

Processing options include soldering, crimping and welding, giving you flexibility in integrating them into your application. Our NTC thermistor is also a particularly attractive option for your projects due to its very cost-effective price.

With our NTC thermistor, you get a high quality, low cost product that reliably meets your temperature measurement needs. Rely on our experience and our products to provide precise and cost-effective solutions for your applications.