AT-T24 series

AC 250V / 10A 100,000 cycles
AC 250V / 16A 100,000 cycles
40°C … 250°C
Normally closed contact, normally open contact or manual reset

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AT-T24 bimetal thermostats:

Immerse yourself in the world of our outstanding half-inch switches, also known as disc thermostats, which offer a perfect combination of impressive performance and exceptional versatility. These high-quality switches are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

With a rated voltage of 250V and an impressive current rating of up to 16A, our disc thermostats are the perfect choice for standard applications in household appliances. The impressive service life of 100,000 cycles at AC 250V/16A guarantees long-term reliability and robust performance that can withstand even the most demanding requirements in household appliances.

The versatile functionality of these switches allows maximum flexibility in use. Whether normally closed, normally open or with manual reset – our switches adapt to your needs. The operating temperature range of 40°C to 250°C ensures that these switches work reliably under a wide variety of conditions.

Our half-inch switches are produced almost fully automatically, which not only guarantees their high quality, but also their cost-effective availability. In addition to the standard version, we offer the option of different mechanical dimensions and protection classes up to IP68 to meet the specific requirements of your projects.

The connections can be flexibly designed with cables or strands. Gold contacts are available for special requirements, which demonstrate their strengths particularly with low switching currents and a high number of cycles. Customer-specific tolerances of up to +/-2K enable precise temperature control according to your exact specifications.

With a delivery time of just 2-4 weeks, our disc thermostats offer rapid integration into your projects. Whether as an efficient frost monitor or in durable heating mats – rely on the proven quality and impressive versatility of our half-inch switches to ensure optimum performance in all your applications.

The AT-T23 series, which can be used up to AC 250V/10A, offers a smaller design