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Thermal protectors

New temperature limiters from Alpha Therm

The highly pressure-resistant metal housing makes the ST01 series thermal switches ideal for use in windings of electric motors or generators.

The additionally installed spring disc allows the bimetallic disc to operate continuously, which significantly improves the parameter stability.

KTY83 and KTY84 alternatives

The PTC-600 and PTC-1000 have almost identical characteristics and designs as the KTY series and are available in tolerances of 1% to 5%. In many cases, the parts can be easily replaced without great effort.

Another alternative is platinum measuring resistors.
Both alternatives can also be made and offered by us.

PTC-Serie KTY Alternative

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KTY sensors and possible alternatives

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Since the foundation of the company, we have established ourselves over two decades as a specialist in the area of temperature-limiting safety components, sensor elements and sensors!

Today, we have one of the most extensive portfolios in our industry.

We bring temperatures under control

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safety components, sensor elements or sensors

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