The images shown are only examples of possible specification of the switch.

Further specifications see data sheet.

Slide Switch 5M Series

250VAC / 2A

28VDC / 120VAC 5A  

30.000 Cycles

12,70mm x 6,60mm

Slide Switch 5SE Series

48VDC / 48VAC 0,4VA  

40.000 Cycles

9,50mm x 5,00mm


Slide Switch MSS Series

10.000 Cycles

6,70mm x 2,60mm

Slide Switch 5F Series

250VAC / 1A

28VDC / 120VAC 3A  

30.000 Cycles

8,13mm x 5,08mm

Slide Switch 6M Series

250VAC / 1A

28VDC / 120VAC 3A  

20.000 Cycles

14,00mm x 7,80mm

Slide Switch SS Series

24VDC / 25mA  

10.000 Cycles

8,85mm x 2,00mm

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