Metal Switch

The images shown are only examples of possible specification of the switch.

Further specifications see data sheet.

MPB19 Series

  • 19mm Metal Pushbutton Switches

KPB22 Series

  • 22mm Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

MW19 Series

  • 19mm High Current Metal Pushbutton Switches

MPB16L Series

  • 16mm Metal Pushbutton Switches(Lock)

MPB22 Series

  • 22mm Metal Pushbutton Switches

MPB25 Series

  • 25mm Metal Pushbutton Switches

TC Series

  • Capacitive Switches

TZ Series

  • Piezo Switches(Pulse)

MW25 Series

  • 25mm High Current Metal Pushbutton Switches

MW22 Series

  • 22mm High Current Metal Pushbutton Switches

MPB16 Series

  • 16mm Metal Pushbutton Switches

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