Temperature protection is our job

Not afraid of high temperatures!

Alpha Therm has over 20 years

of experience, an extensive

knowledge and portfolio

of temperature protection


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Temperaturschutz Thermosicherungen & Thermoschalter Temperature Protection

New Products

CRZ-Serie Hayashi Denko

New platinum resistance temperature detectors for the European market by Hayashi Denko.

PTC-Serie KTY Alternative

Linearized PTC thermistor as a possible replacement for KTY 83 and KTY 84.

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Thermostat Halbzollregler

With the TK-series switching temperatures of -45°C to 425°C possible in customer-specific design.

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Bimetall-Thermostat Halbzollregler

Alpha Therm offers a wide range of electronic temperature and humidity controls.

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Temperaturregler CONOTEC Disc Thermostats

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KTY sensors and possible alternatives Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 Electronic Controllers

Alpha Therm opened its own online shop under the tradename

Alpha Elektroniks.

α Elektroniks

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Product overview 2016


Onlineshop Alpha Elektroniks

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