Platinum chip temperature sensors in SMD design

CRSMD Series -70°C ... +250°C

Wrap-around contact

Gold-plated nickel

Size (WBxLxH)

2,0 x 1,25 x 0,4mm


3,0 x 1,5 x 0,4mm


Nominal values




Tolerance classes

F0.1 (class 1/3 B)

F0.15 (class A)

F0.3 (class B)

F0.6 (class 2B)

Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 CRSMD Serie SMD Bauform

Due to their small size, the SMD temperature sensors allow a high mounting density. The two SMD types (imperial / metric) 1206 / 3216M and 0805 / 2012M are available. The gold-plated nickel wrap-around contact allows, in addition to all types of reflow soldering, alternative connection technologies, such as wave soldering, conductive bonding or wire bonding. The first-class metallization of the contacts also ensures a high reliability of the temperature sensor during operation. Two baked cover layers of glass reliably protect the platinum layer from external influences. The temperature sensors can be used in the range of -70°C to +250°C even with suitable connection technology.

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