Overload Protection

Thermal Link & Fusing Resistor

Fusing resistors with thermal link react to overtemperature and overload. They are particularly suitable for protection against small, medium and large overloads. Excellent short circuit and overload protection are the strengths.

PTC Thermistors

Ceramic PTC thermistors have a leaky characteristic. This behaviour can be used, for example, for temperature sensing, overcurrent limiting, inrush current limiting and heating purposes.

Polymer PTC Thermistors

Polymer PTC, PPTC, Multifuse or PolySwitch have a very low resistance at rest, so they do not need to be bridged. In case of error, they become high impedance in a short time. After cooling, they fall back to their original state.

PTC Thermistor TPM-S Serie PTC Thermistor PPL Serie Polymer PTC radiale Anschluesse Polymer PTC SMD Bauform Polymer PTC SMD Bauform (Low Rho) Polymer PTC axiale Anschluesse (Low Rho) Polymer PTC axiale Anschluesse PTC thermistors Resettable fuses

NTC Thermistors

The high cold resistance of NTC thermistors limits the inrush current when switched on. After switching on, the flowing current leads to self-heating, whereupon the NTC becomes low-impedance and thus enables normal operation.

NTC Einschaltstrombegrenzer SCK Serie Data Protection NTC inrush current limiter

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